The Hot and Cool Foundation

A Non-Profit Addressing Food Insecurity through Workforce Development

Our Purpose

Homelessness has been declared a is a state of emergency in LA County.

Black people only make up around 8% of LA County's total population, but account for 34% of its homeless population. Nearly all of the roots of systemic poverty such as lack of access to food, affordable housing, and quality education disproportionately affect communities of color

South Central Los Angeles is home to the largest population of food insecure in the U.S., with over 2 million people facing food food insecurity.

Providing healthy meals to Los Angeles massive unhoused population, an estimated 69,144 people experiencing homelessness In LA County

Hearty Meals Program

  • Provides Nutritional education

  • Provides healthy and hearty meals to Los Angeles' underserved population, including the massive unhoused population and individuals experiencing poverty

  • Provides jobs and training – we employ underserved community members, such as the unhoused and formerly incarcerated individuals, helping these individuals transition into stable housing and employment.

Partnership With HACLA For The Unhoused

Provide Hearty meals to tenants of Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) buildings.

First project site: HACLA project roomkey buildings on Pico and Alvarado (740 S Alvarado and 5050 Pico Boulevard), which houses 141 individuals

Provide Workforce development through employment and training - Hire HACLA tenants to create the meals.

Our ultimate goal is to to provide free nutritiously dense daily meals to the 6,000 HACLA low-income housing units designated for the unhoused.

Nutritious Meals For Children Experiencing Homelessness Or Food Insecurity

Many school breakfast and lunch programs such as LAUSD do not focus on the nutritional content of the meals. Healthy meals are necessary for all, but especially for children to be able to grow and learn. Our goal is to provide nutritionally dense meals during the school day, as well as school packs with nutritious snacks to take home

17, 000 Los Angeles students are homeless or face housing insecurity and 1 in 5 kids in Los Angeles are food insecure.

First Project: Crete Academy (6103 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90043) and Islah Academy (2900 W Slauson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90043) – totals 250-300 kids.

We hope to expand the program to provide free nutritiuously dense meals to children in other schools in Los Angeles.

What We Need

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Families Helped


Meals Served



Tony Jolly


Anthony Jolly is the founder of Hot + Cool Cafe in the heart of Leimert Park Village and Crenshaw Coffee Co. With Hot + Cool, Anthony combined his years of experience sourcing and identifying specialty coffee from Ethiopia and introducing high end premium coffees to the third wave coffee sector, with a plantbased approach to food to create a vegan specialty coffee food space. He intentionally chose Leimert Park as the location for a vegan cafe in what has historically been a food desert for convenient, healthy food choices in South Central. As a certified social enterprise, Hot + Cool Cafe’s mission has expanded to include employment opportunities and training for previously incarcerated individuals.

Tina Amin


Tina began her career in international human rights law in Africa and eventually became a top 30 under 30 corporate litigator. She found her way back to her roots through the walls of Hot & Cool, providing a healthy physical and eating space, while tackling social justice issues and food inequalities rampant in South LA. She is currently the COO for both Hot and Cool Cafe and Crenshaw Coffee Company, and has helped build both companies from inception, with lots of learning along the way. Her passion for community, creative and healthy food, and forging spaces for people and communities fuel her drive

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